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Toril w/Timezones by Markustay Toril w/Timezones by Markustay
Finally nailed it.
Everything is canon (some islands appear on certain maps but not on others). The names of the arctic I took poetic license on, and the tropics are named after canon (official) constellations.
XnellaMoonbladeThann Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Actually, the Prime Meridian is supposed to go through Myth Drannor, and Waterdeep is supposed to be at the 45°N parallel, according to some sources.

"3.6. Where is Toril's equator?
Looking at the map in F&A, we can see that the equator runs through the southern part of Maztica (just below the published map), through the northern portion of Zakhara, and through the southern reaches of  Kara-Tur. It falls a little south of Nimbral (I think that's Nimbral) and well south of Chult.

Abeir-Toril, according to every published source, is roughly equivalent in size to Earth.  However, part of what determines the size of the tropics and the intensity of the seasons is whether or not it has the same axial tilt.  Since there are very definite summers and winters, I'd say the axial tilt is the same or perhaps even a little greater (23.5-25 degrees, as a ballpark guess).

3.13. Does Toril have time zones?
From: Trent Raley

  • Circumference = 23,400 approx
  • 24 time zones
  • Axial tilt is ~ 19-25 degrees
  • Prime Meridian is Myth Drannor
  • Other time zones are based on meridian lines of globe function in Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (two per square).
  • Time zones are 975 miles wide.

Nit-pick -- that is 975 miles wide at the equator of course.  This will dwindle down to zero as you approach the poles."

What I posted between the "" marks is taken from the Realms FAQ on the candlekeep website ( Much more lore can be found in the forums ( and the scribes there are usually a very helpful bunch. We have a few lively discussions.

Sings-With-Spirits Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Why is the prime meridian in Kara-Tur? Wouldn't it make more sense to put it either on Candlekeep, Cormyr or Waterdeep?

Another question: I have seen the equator placed up to around 10 degrees longitude up or down in different maps; any particular reason you placed it there?

BTW> absolutely love your map! Love 
shaka5 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
I can only say thank you. Thanks for continuing to add depth to the marvelous setting which is Toril. By the way, I love FR!!
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