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Elsir and Nentir Vales FR by Markustay Elsir and Nentir Vales FR by Markustay
This is a bit of a conversion I am working on, so consider this about 50/50 HOMEBREW. The Elsir Vale - from Red Hand of Doom (3e) and the Scales of War AP (4e) - was really a piece of terrain ripped from The Shaar in The Forgotten Realms. This was one of those unfortunate "lets make everything generic" 4th edition decision {sigh}. So I am putting it back where it belongs, and decided what the heck - I may as well shoe-horn Nentir Vale into the region as well! (Because I like it so much - Fantasy Cartographer Mike Schley can make anything look amazing!) So Elsir Vale - really Channath Vale - is psuedo-canonical, and Nentir Vale is non-canonical to FR, but canon to the 4e generic Nerath setting (which stole bits and pieces from just about everywhere). A lot of the rest of the map is FR canon, like the Border Kingdoms taken from the Powers of Faerūn book, but a good deal of Sespech was fleshed-out by mapolq at, so consider a chunk of that non-canonical as well. I will be eventually doing a gazeteer-style netbook for this map (over at the Piazza), explaining where everything came from (including all the homebrew). Its designed to be a sandbox campaign, with lots of published material to draw from.
JarothC Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Im fixing up the history of a D&D  character Ive been working on lately and stumbled across this map from a link on a forum post regarding Misty Vale, yes that lil piece of wood on the south of The Shaar, not even showing a name on your map

As the character has jumped between editions and now even into the Neverwinter MMORPG and following the streak that she is quite old by now it fits perfectly that she came from Misty Vale - The forest that got poisoned and burnt by the Halruaa blast during the spellplague and later became Dead Vale, from there those wild elves migrated to then known Elfharrow -my char would have left just before the spellplague and subsequent death of the forest only to find centuries later about the place's fate.

The new Neverwinter MMORPG is rebuilding Nev after its cataclysms, if my char left the Misty Vale at age 232, any idea how old she would be by this setting?
Antariuk Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013   Photographer
This looks phenomenal! If I ever run a game in the FR again, I'll make sure to browse your gallery for handout materials :)
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