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Forgotten Realms Shining South + Nentir Vale by Markustay
Forgotten Realms Shining South + Nentir Vale
Another update. Got all the mountain and forest text done. Still a long ways to go before I can put a 'glow' behind the locale text, because I haven't placed river and road names yet, and things are going to probably shift around quite a lot as the map gets 'busy'. ENJOY
The Southern Realms Campaign Map by Markustay
The Southern Realms Campaign Map
The latest update. I was away last week so I didn't have a chance to work on much. Still lots to do, but I think i have all the settlements placed and labeled now. I still have to wipe and re-label quite a lot of terrain, especially the Mountains. The 'Wastes' terrain type is compete, so you can get an idea of what the rest will look like when i am done. So are the settlements in the Dambrath region - you can see the lettering is a bit faded and there is a glow around the text - thats how it will all look when i am done. Also have to label all the roads and rivers, but its perfectly useable as-is. ENJOY.
The Shaar Campaign by Markustay
The Shaar Campaign
Just an update on where I am at with the Shining South campaign Map. Mostly canon with the exception of Nentir Vale add and a few other minor tweaks.
Shaareach WIP by Markustay
Shaareach WIP
So this was an odd little project I started awhile back that was supposed to add the lost realm (as of 3e) Shaareach back onto the 3e map. That same region was the site of the 'Red Hand of Doom' and 'Scales of War' modules (with some name changes to make it more generic - 3e was weird like that). I wanted to show the 3e map with the stuff added by the modules, as well as some lost geographic features. It wound up expanded outwards - as my maps always do - to include more territory (I wanted to make the whole Lake of Steam region more like it used to be). The main goal was to be able to create a map that could be pasted - AS IS - into the canon 3e FR campaign map (so all the stuff on the edges would still line-up). Considering the major changes to this area between editions, it was rather ambitious. Then add in my lunacy for for trying to make stuff work together and for whatever reason I added the Nentir vale into the area. I suppose I was thinking in terms of someone wanting to do an entire campaign here, and wanted to give those folks more to work with. I also started to fill-in Sespech with a few locales from someone else's campaign over on the Candlekeep.Com site (once again, not sure what my thinking was there... more options?) Lastly, I had actually started to add-in Darkmoon Vale (from pathfinder/Golarion!) directly to the east, just because I liked it... but then thought better of it and got rid of it (didn't want IP issues, even though this was never intended for commercial use). It would have began directly east of Gruumsh's Crucible (my own creation to get the maps and lore to work together). Then I just forgot about this map and went on to other things. Recently someone was asking about The Border Kingdoms (FR), and I was like, "I think I have a map..." Turns out it was unfinished (like usual), but I slapped labels on the remaining stuff just so it was usable for anyone interested in this region. You can either ignore or use the Nentir Vale material (its up to you - I think its probably the best thing that came out of 4e). I DO plan on finishing it now - I am a bit rusty with the maps and finishing this one will allow me to stretch my legs a bit without jumping right into something brand new. Stay Tuned....


Mark Taylor


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smashmode Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  New Deviant
Love your work! Especially the 5 shires on the Inner Seas
sceluk Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
Hey man, Amazing maps, I have to say.
I love the Shou Lung\T'u Lung\Hordelands maps, Wizards should make them official.
Have you ever thought about doing Zakhara?
Then we'd finally have a map of the whole supercontinent :)
Markustay Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
As for the Misbegotten Realms - YES. With summer vacation on its way my home campaign will be going full-swing again, and I hope to be updating this soon. As for my other FR maps - I hope to finish/polish/update all of them as the year progresses. I've decided not to keep getting side-tracked by other projects and just go back to doing what I loved - making great Realms maps for the fan community to enjoy. I know official 'great things' are in the works, so there is much to look forward to for everyone. Thank you for all your support - its what keeps me going.
Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
:iconchristmas-tree1plz:Merry Christmas!:iconchristmas-tree1plz:
mrwakka Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Any hope for an update on the misbegotten realms? I actually stumbled upon this and find the idea quite intriguing for a game I'll be running.
Tattersnail Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Hey Markustay.

Im a big fan of you and I have been using your Chult map for a campaign that has been going on for little more than two years now. I was wondering if you had the font you use, so I could plot in my own locations.
Thanks in advance and awesome job.

Markustay Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
When I did that one I believe I was using PS, and I don't recall the specific font. PS has a MUCH better font toolbox then GIMP (which I use now). The Font I us in GIMP is called 'small caps' (there are several versions) - 'small caps' was doable with ANY font in PS using their font tools.
pvansteenoven Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Any chance making prints available? i would love a huge world map with every detail :)
Markustay Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Can't legally make prints available. i see that now that is something that some artists are allowed to do for there commisioned WotC work, but since I have never been given an official commision (they just use my maps for reference LOL), I can't allow prints, sorry. But I offer it all for free, which means you should be able to take the files (on a USB drive) to some place that does do printing. You are more then welcome to do that.
Kanaric Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Quick question, what is this "the dock" in those mountains near Tabot? I can find no information on that. 
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